Advanced Manufacturing


Advanced manufacturing training prepares workers for aerospace manufacturing careers. Air Washington partners offer Machinist/CNC training programs that can vary from a 24-week certificate to a two-year degree and offers stackable credentials that allow for future training opportunities. The demand for skilled machinist/CNC operators, sheet metal workers, production supervisors and sorters/inspectors/samplers are steadily increasing over the next decade. Advanced manufacturing operators often use machinery and equipment to change raw materials into finished products or product parts. Their work involves knowing and understanding the manufacturing process, the way the machines work, and what the finished products should be like. Operators often have extra training to deal with numerically controlled (NC) and computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment to prepare machines before production begins. They plan the sequence of operations according to blueprints or other instructions and adjust the controls on the machine. In the case of computerized equipment, they may also load new programs.