AS9100 is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. Being a certified AS9100 manufacturer qualifies a business to be considered an aerospace supplier. It also increases customer confidence in meeting their expectations for product safety standards.

Air Washington is offering AS9100 training free of charge to qualified organizations.

The objective of AS9100C Certification is to outline how to prepare selected companies to become certified to AS9100C using a Business Management System approach. Companies will learn how to organize and document their business/quality process using a process mapping technique that will enable them to describe their business/quality activities in a practical and understandable manner.

This training is limited to companies with 15 or more employees with a desire to grow the size of the company by a minimum of 10% per year for the next five years.
1. Classes are limited to 15 participants (5 companies)
2. Each company will be offered 3 training seats
3. Each company must commit to completing all assignments and achieving AS9100C certification within 12 months of the start of training
4. To register for the training, participants must agree to completing assignments outside the classroom
5. Each participant should be willing to spend 6-8 hours per week on the project
6. Instructional classes will be conducted every other week over a four month period
7. Classroom time will typically be in 6-8 hour blocks, but may be adjusted based on the subject to be addressed
8. Online communication and training will be used to complement the classroom training
9. A project plan for achieving certification will be developed for each company
10. Visits to each company will be scheduled (if practicable) to help initiate and coordinate the AS9011C QMS development
11. Companies will be allowed (not required) to purchase products and services from Fulcrum Associates to help achieve certification
12. Products and services offered by Fulcrum Associates will not be promoted in the training and will not be required to achieve certification
13. The company will commit to paying an $1,800 annual fee for a QMS improvement assessment for three years after achieving AS9100C certification
14. A logistic fee of $25 per person may be charged for training sessions

Deliverables include:
• The company’s business system will be mapped with all applicable QMS related processes identified
• Participants from each company will be trained how to develop, document and implement business processes
• Selected personnel will be trained how to conduct internal audits to determine conformance to requirements
• A document requirements matrix showing where each company’s QMS documentation fulfills all requirements of the standard will be completed
• Companies will be prepared to have an AS9100C certification audit performed within 12 months of the start of training

To learn more about this training opportunity, contact Air Washington Aerospace Industry Navigator Mary Stanton, [email protected] or 509-532-3108.